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Cost of Programs and Services

The Legacy Forum is a concierge service for HNW individuals and families.  Our bespoke approach is unique from other advisory, coaching and mental health options.  As such an explanation of how we work and charge is necessary.  The model is concierge, tailored to your needs and intensive.

  • Most professional counselors and psychologists will schedule on average six clients a day, seeing them for 50 minutes.  Psychiatrists will generally see clients for an average of 15-20 minutes for medication and brief mental health status evaluations.  Prior to each session they will likely pull out your file and review the last session and or possible homework they asked you to do.  They will generally spend a few minutes per client on writing up session notes and insurance billing.  Communication with a therapist is almost always limited to the weekly session itself.  A therapist may take a short calls or emails but any communication beyond that will be billed as an additional session in similar ways as lawyers will bill. 

  • We work intensively with individuals and families.  This includes spending extended sessions, multiple and/or consecutive days and even retreats.  We are able to work through serious issues in a much shorter time than doing individual therapy for one session/hour a week, over many months or even years. When we initially meet clients, we schedule a minimum of 3-4 hours.  It is important to assess their situation and begin a process of strategizing how to move forward as quickly as possible.   If there are addiction issues or an immediate crisis, we make sure we have the right members of our team as part of the meeting, such as a mental health therapist.   We seek to optimize time for everyone.

  • We come to you or meet at a venue of your choice.  It is a unique approach we have practiced for over 25 years.  It allows for our work to be done in the environment where life is lived.  It provides for a continuity of growth and care.  Many clients who go to rehabs or wilderness programs, struggle to negotiate life when they return home.  Many revert very quickly to their past behaviors.  Our model does not require “aftercare” as it is continuous care.  

       *We are able to provide 24 hour in-home nursing and other support services when needed.  


  • We usually work as a team and bring in others to work at the same time.  When we feel it is necessary for a client to undergo psychiatric testing or substance abuse evaluations, we can do it in a much fast time.  Most psychiatrists are booked 30-60 days out.  We are able to do substance abuse testing and evaluations within 1-3 days.  

  • When we engage with a client, the flow of communication is vital and will often include; regular, scheduled in-person meetings when possible, meetings for crisis situations, Zoom calls, phone calls and texting.  We encourage regular and appropriate texting or calls.  This allows for us to get a feel for the day-to-day situation in your home or life.  The power of texting when working with the younger generation and their parents cannot be understated.  It also creates a running record of contact, ideas, responses, encouragement and accountability to goals.  It is not uncommon to text multiple times a day.  Many very productive conversations are communicated via text.


  • We try as much as possible to be on-call for our clients.  There are times when it might be necessary to call 911.   If there is a situation where threats of self-harm or harm to others have been made, 911 must be called immediately.  Any time you feel your safety is threatened, call 911.


  • We are creative and design specific real-life learning experiences for clients.  Talk in an office and imagining hypothetical situations, seldom change life or often takes much longer than hoped for.  Many of our clients connect with us to help their young adult children launch into real life.  Others work with us in retreat settings to deepen their relationships.  There are many ways to get creative and learn how to apply ideas and we find them. 


  • We take our work very seriously.  Every time we meet, we come prepared, we analyze possibilities, strategies, approaches to move forward and create lasting changes.  We often consult with other members of our team for their professional perspective.  This is always done with your permission and in the strictest confidence.  Collective wisdom is powerful and gives insights that can be trusted and acted on. 

We do have costs for specific programs and services such as Legacy Retreats and evaluations and our Talent DNA Profiles.  

We encourage you to call or email us to set up a time to discuss the cost for your situation.


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