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The Roman Forum was the center of everyday life.  It was a place of freedom where thought, discussion, ideas, debate and decisions happened.

The Legacy Forum is your place to be heard, formulate strategy, deal with deep personal issues, get creative, make decisions for the long-term!


Working on problems, formulating ideas, making great decisions, strategizing complex systems, planning a lasting legacy, does not happen in a 50 minute therapy session.  The Legacy Forum normally starts with us spending a full day together.  We need to get to know each other and develop a good platform for powerful and meaningful outcomes. 

We also work with clients and their families by creating retreats over a period of days.   

We live in a world where speed, immediacy and the demand for a solutions is now.  In a crisis that may be true but it is not the recipe for a great life.

Our process  requires a forum that in conducive to and respectful of people who are serious about issues that will profoundly affect their legacies and lives.  

Coaching and counseling for personal issues often takes the short format of a few sessions of an hour over a number of weeks or months.  We have found that starting with the minimum of a day, with follow ups, half-days or regular shorter interactions creates powerful outcomes.  


The Legacy Forum is focused on you and the issues that will deeply impact your life, happiness and legacy.  People come for many reasons:

  • Leaders who need a sounding board and wise advice outside of the office.  

  • Individuals who need to talk about deeply personal issues in a forum that doesn't become part of a medical record or personnel file.   

  • Seekers of clarity, personal meaning, purpose and life mission.

  • People who need to make decisions about career, relationships, retirement, parenting.

  • Individuals who need to strategize and find a fresh perspective and an objective opinion.

  • People who need high levels of privacy and help dealing with substance abuse issues and other addictions.

  • People who need someone to stand with them in crisis.

  • People who help others with answers sometimes need answers themselves:  professionals, business leaders, doctors, psychiatrists/psychologists, lawyers and others.  

  • Working on legacy issues related to transfer of wealth to children and philanthropy.


We don't meet our clients in offices.  We have discovered that clients work best on important issues when they are not in their everyday settings.    

We recommend that you think of a place where you are away from the people, pressures and anything that will distract from engaging and making your Legacy Forum a successful and productive time.

I used to have a house on Lake Sammamish in Redmond,  five minutes down the hill from Microsoft.  Many of my clients were executives from Microsoft.  They would come to my house and we would walk out onto the dock to talk.  The dock is the photo on the left.

Over the years I have met clients at vacation homes, on boats, in the mountains, on the golf course, in retreat settings, in hotels or some other undistracted venue.  

I believe we all have special places that work for us.  For me it is near water, on the beach, a long drive and pine forests.  What are your places? 

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