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The Legacy Forum is a concierge service for high net worth individuals and families.  Over 25 years we have created a powerful holistic model, that includes: interventions, detox, crisis-management, character development, mental health services, positive psychology, educational consulting,  college/career pathways planning, addiction management, life coaching, legacy planning and ultimately, change and lasting hope.   


Managing wealth for generations is seldom easy.  A family's name and wealth can be profoundly affected when members of that family fail to live up to their potential or live in destructive ways.  We believe that wealth must be managed both by financial professionals and also by experts in life management.


Sometimes children and other family members with great potential and unlimited opportunity, simply fail to engage in life and thrive. There is sometimes a default wealth brings, which plagues their thinking in a highly destructive way.  They have to answer questions and face challenges unique to them. 

How do I make life matter when everything will always be taken care of? 

How do I create my own identity and not simply be known because of my family's name?   

How do I find my own unique pathway? 

What is success for me and how can I create my own legacy?

How do I know who are my friends are?   

Who do I give and share a responsible manner? 

How do I make good decisions when every option is available?



Our clients usually have tried every option available:  psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, rehabs, wilderness programs, boarding schools, interventions, educational consultants, life coaches - all wise options but still nothing has worked or with minimal results.  What we offer is hope, based on a unique and innovative process, a solid track record and our own unique talents.


We believe innate Talent DNA and motivations/character, unique to each individual, are what legacy is built from.   Our focus is the future and lives built for the long-term.  Character, values and legacy-thinking drive that.   Sometimes we have to start by dealing with the problems and issues of life that get in the way of that future.  


We have seen exceptional people self-destruct, hurt others, harm their families and ultimately destroy their legacy.  We have also seen how the best, most efficient and long-lasting change happens when talent and motivation gain clarity in individuals.  They find direction by giving that talent a place where real impact can be made in the lives of others.


The process is not simply therapy and hoping a child or family member will not self-destruct.  What we offer is a fully engaged approach where we work with parents, family, school, university, team, friends and the world our clients live in. 


Changing the direction of a life is never easy but always possible.  It requires a different approach.


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When it comes to mental health and addiction, great wealth will not keep you safe; in fact, it may be just the opposite.

Research indicates that the children of wealthy families with plenty of disposable income have a greater chance of experiencing depression, anxiety and addiction than their less wealthy counterparts.

A survey by Paracelsus Recovery among members of Campden Wealth’s community revealed that more than 70% of respondents reported an addiction or mental health issue in their immediate family. The numbers for the overall population are 20-30%.

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“I really do appreciate everything that you have done for me.  I was lost and hopeless before we started working together.  So lost I felt so much pain but couldn’t even cry because I didn’t understand it. 
You have really allowed me to see the world clearly and use every day as a way to better myself and the world around me through understanding who I am as a man and a person.  I’m really excited about the future for the first time in my life. 
It has been a long and grueling process to get to this point.  But it’s nice to finally be here and continually try and think of ways to keep bettering myself in the world because there is always more to do. 
I really understand now that I have a lot to offer this world and I am confident that I will be able to fulfil my purpose.  Thank you.  I hope I can impact people’s lives just like you have impacted mine.”  
Charles D 26 years old - San Francisco
"We watched our daughter lose her way.  She could never find the right friends.  She was bright but seldom made a decent grade.  She went to a great school and had teachers who cared, tutors, educational coaches and consultants but she simply never found herself.  

When we first listened to Mark speak at a Microsoft Alumni event, he spoke about our daughter as if he knew her. It was almost as if he had been living in our home.

I spoke to Mark after the event and he was in our home the following day.  He connected with everyone in Brittany's life from friends to teachers, her yoga teacher and he got to know her better than even we seemed to know her after 16 years.  

He saw in her what we knew was there.  He worked with a couple of coaches who were in their early twenties who she listened to better than her psychiatrist or counselors.  They connected and worked with her to get her grades up, connect with new friends, start looking at a college and career pathway.  She came alive.   There have been ups and downs but she is a new person.  

Dave and Rhonda B. Kirkland Wa.

"To stand by and watch a child you love so deeply and know they possess everything including no limits to opportunity just  implode in front of you!  That is where my husband and I were. 
We had done everything, withheld nothing, provided every advantage and still to no avail.  The guilt of seeing a child create so much madness and disruption to an entire family was beyond belief.

I have no words to say but THANK YOU to Mark and  his team.  I could sit down for days and recount the tough times and crises but having them there every step of our journey made all the difference.

Our son has returned to us.  He is now in college and making great grades, friends and even volunteering his musical talents with a program for veterans.  Thank you!

Victoria and Stanley - Palm Beach.

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