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Personal Advisors and Experts

We have had the wonderful privilege of working with individual clients and families for over 30 years.  Standing together to deal with a crisis or working on important legacy issues.   We have a world-class team of legacy advisors, mental health and educational professionals.  

In addition, we have an extensive network of: Advisors, Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Mental Health Professionals, Educational Specialists, Coaches, Mentors, Lawyers, both in the US, Canada and in many foreign countries.

Mark R. Demos
Founder - The Legacy  Forum
Personal Advisor and Confidant
Executive and life Coach
Dr Nic Heyne.png
Dr. Nick Heyne, MD
Consulting Psychiatrist
Board Certified - Adolescent,
Addiction and Forensic Psychiatry
Charles Bartlett, B.A., MBA , M.A  Clinical Mental Health (In progress)
Advisor Young Adults and Speaker
Krisandra Demos,  LPC
The Legacy  Forum
Personal Advisor and Confidant
Advisor Mental Health  
Licenced Professional Counselor
Monique Rinere.jpg
Dr. Monique Rinere, Ph.D.
Advisor Education and College Pathways 
Mental Health

Dean, Harvard, Columbia, Princeton and The New School
Penny van der Westhuizen, PhD (nd) LPC-S, PFP, C-LSI
Licensed Professional Counselor
Drug and Alcohol Advisor and Counselor
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