The Legacy  Forum

You have financial advisors or a family office that work with you to build and protect your wealth.  The Legacy Forum was created to help you build and protect your personal legacy, your life and family.   You are more than your personal wealth.

The word "legacy" brings with it the concept of generations.  Those generations that will inherit, be responsible for and we hope will continue investing their lives, talent and character to continue the work we  passed on.  

Legacy is about now.  It is not about later.  What we do today matters, it counts towards our legacy.  For us to fully live today we need to think and plan  wisely for the future and to build a legacy that lasts.    

Legacy starts with me.  It is being clear about who I am and how I conduct my life today.  Legacy is a life lived on purpose with mission and goals.  Legacy is my choice to plan wisely for my life and for my family.  Today your legacy is being created.   

In 1994 I moved to Redmond, Washington, and  was raising three children.  I was consulting at Microsoft and many of the other early stage technology companies in the Seattle area.  Redmond was filled growing families that attended the same schools as my children.  As these children grew into their teen years, I started receiving calls from my clients to ask for resources and help for their teens.  

Many of my personal advisory and executive coaching clients wanted were senior level executives, NFL players and entrepreneurs.  They came to talk about work but it soon moved to their relationships, struggles with addiction, personal crisis and the fear of losing their jobs or being found out for problematic personal problems.  They also talked about the future and how they wanted the best for themselves and their families.  They were successful in their professional lives but struggled with their relationships and raising their teens and young adult children. 


Giving their children big homes, cars, vacations, credit cards, educational consultants, therapists and believing money would keep them on the pathway to a successful life, did not necessarily work.  My clients were in anguish, trying to understand how a teen with $100K car, who was popular and did well in class would kill themselves or commit felonies.  How they could run away from home and be found performing sex acts for heroin a thousand miles away.  Everything they were doing to provide the very best, their hopes for an amazing future was a horrid mess.

I created The Legacy Forum to provide a personal advisory service, with the highest level of confidentiality, but also an in-home concierge service that included: interventions, psychiatrists, therapists, substance abuse testing, detox, educational consulting, legal referrals and life coaching.   All our services are provided where you are:  in-home or at a venue of your choosing.  

We have worked with individuals across the USA.  We have seen the legacies of many individuals and families become what their hopes believed they would.  


We hope you will reach out and start a conversation with us.  That would be a wonderful privilege. 


The greatest legacy one can pass on to one’s children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one’s life, but rather a legacy of character and faith. —Billy Graham"
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