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The Legacy  Forum

"The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.”  Benjamin Disraeli

The more the world changes, the greater the need for strong, trusted advisors who are consistent but agile in their clarity and mission.  We listen, ask incisive questions and often our work is to fine-tune ideas and goals as we walk with you.  We build deep, significant, confidential relationships with our clients.


You have financial advisors or a family office that work with you to build and protect your wealth.  The Legacy Forum was created to help you build and protect your personal legacy, your life and family.  You are more than your personal wealth.

The word "legacy" conveys the idea of generations.  Those generations that will inherit, be responsible for and we hope will continue investing their lives, talent and character to continue the work we  passed on.  

Legacy is about now, not later.  What we do today matters.   Everything counts towards our legacy.  To fully live today we must think and plan  wisely to build a legacy that lasts.    

Your legacy starts with you.  It is being clear about who you are and how you conduct your life today.  Legacy is a life lived on purpose with mission and goals.  Legacy is your choice to plan wisely for your life and for your family.  Today your legacy is being created.   


At The Legacy Forum, we know how to build the internal structure of a family, so they can enjoy their wealth. We help them thrive as individuals, create a world better than they were born into, live a life of service and have their lives extend beyond their last breath.


If your only focus is on the security and growth of your portfolio, you will likely never enjoy all your wealth can afford you. In equal measure, those who exist within the structure of that portfolio must have protection and robust strategies for the growth and development of that wealth.


With this in mind, The Legacy Forum, a pioneer in providing concierge services to UHNW individuals and families, is now offering three distinct bespoke programs, designed to create the environment for your Family Wealth to endure. These programs are not focused on financial wealth but the enduring wealth of values, faith, service, and character.


Succession planning for wealth alone and not values, will often be cursed and those who are the subjects of that planning will likely have cursed lives. Just look around you. Where they are strong, they must have succession plans and education for this current generation to live them when you are gone. Where they are lacking or weak, strategies must be expertly designed to build them into those who will inherit the wealth.

As a concierge service, it includes extensive positive evaluations and assessments by The Legacy Forum Advisors.  We integrate the Positive Forensic Profiling system from my book, "The DNA Code - The Forensics of Purpose, Passion and Performance"    It includes many elements of Positive Psychology.  (The Science of Human Happiness), coaching and psychotherapy.

"The DNA Success Code by Mark R Demos is all about navigating through the toughest situations, to decisions about profession, education and parenting and ultimately defining your course in Evidence of your Talents and apply them to creating a life filled with the three important "P's": Purpose, Passion and Performance."

Dr. Elizabeth Loftus Ph.D. - Past President American Psychological Society and Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Law. University of California, Irvine.

We have worked with individuals across the USA, Canada and other countries  We have seen the legacies of many individuals and families become what their hopes envisioned.

I hope you will reach out and start a conversation with us.  That would be a wonderful privilege. 

Mark R Demos

Founder - The Legacy Forum

The greatest legacy one can pass on to one’s children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one’s life, but rather a legacy of character and faith. — Billy Graham"
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