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Legacy is about finding wise answers to the important questions of life.  There are times when we have thought through questions over and over and no direction seems clear.  Sometimes we know what the answer is, but we need to talk it through with before we have the confidence to make the decision.  

The Legacy Forum is focused on you and the issues that will deeply impact your life, happiness and legacy.  People come for many reasons.

Legacy Forum clients know that planning for the long-term takes time and wise counsel.

Anxiety can be lessened and courage gained  when you have a trusted confidant and experienced advisor to think it through with.  

People who care about their legacies, that of their family, their reputation and longevity of the things they build.  It is not weakness.  It is wisdom.

The Legacy Forum values confidentiality.   We don't report to anyone but you.  

Intervention Programs for Teens and Young Adults
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There is nothing more important than our children!  Legacy is about our children, the next generation. We have been working with the children of High Net Worth families for over 25 years.  We work with young people through age 25.  

There are times when children struggle with tough issues and their lives spin out of control.  Anxiety, depression, substance abuse, running away, failure to thrive or launch and many other gut wrenching problems become overwhelming. 

Our Teen Discovery program has a long, proven track record as a concierge, in-home program to help you and your children through the toughest issues of life!

When crisis come, don't wait.  Call Mark R Demos at (425) 492-4300.  Waiting or making quick decisions  is not wise.  Reach out now and let us help.

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To stand by and watch a child you love so deeply and know they possess everything including no limits to opportunity just  implode!  That is where my husband and I were.  We had done everything, withheld nothing, provided every advantage and still to no avail.  The guilt of seeing a child create so much madness and disruption to an entire family was beyond belief.

I have no words to say but THANK YOU to Mark and  his team.  I could sit down for days and recount the tough times and crises but having them there every step of our journey made all the difference.

Our son has returned to us.  He is now in college and making great grades, friends and even volunteering his musical talents with a program for veterans.  Thank you!

Victoria and Stanley - Palm Beach.

Tough Emotional Issues 

The Legacy Forum was designed for individuals to deal with important issues in a uniquely closed and confidential place.  We want to create a place where you can be as open and free to talk without thinking about who will know about what we talk about. ​

Many major issues faced by executives, professionals and others need a higher level of confidentiality.  We provide a safe space to talk and get direction.  We understand that your personal issues could seriously affect or potentially hurt your company, practice or family.

The Legacy Forum offers a concierge at home program for many of the serious issues of life including;   substance abuse, addiction, depression, anger, anxiety and others.  We have the world class professionals who can help.​

We do this in a variety of ways.  

  1. We do not take or keep a record of our contact with you unless you direct us to.

  2. Payment for our services can be made in a variety of ways for privacy.

  3. We will always recommend additional mental health services if we believe they are in your best interests.

"When you are the person everyone goes to for answers.  When you are expected to provide leadership through situations that those you lead believe only you can provide.  When you are trying to live a good family life and be an honorable person.  Where do you go?  

Life can be very lonely and even asking a close friend for help or where to go is almost more than you are able to do.

I found help by calling a close friend across the country who got me to connect with Mark Demos at The Legacy Forum.  It was one of the hardest calls I have ever made but it became the most pivotal and powerful choice I ever made.  To know  my situation was deeply understood and to have a plan that  was expertly managed with the highest measure of confidentiality, changed my life.  

I am back stronger.  I have clarity.  I have grown and become a better leader, husband and father."

Dave  B - San Francisco.

"The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation."  Henry David Thoreau
Meaning and Purpose

Many of our clients have much.  They have been places, met important people, are well known in their communities, live in beautiful homes and have lawyers and financial advisors who know them very well.  

What many lack or are searching for is a deep sense of meaning and purpose in their lives.  They have gotten or been given the things that most believe will make life make sense, but is hasn't.  There is a need for more.  Going from one situation to the next, upping the stakes, enhancing the experience, getting bigger and more but finding less personal satisfaction.

For many it is about spiritual questions of existence.  For others it is clarifying values.  For some an entirely new life pathway.

We invite you to come and explore with us.  The greatest spiritual teacher, in my opinion, once asked the question, "What will it profit a man to gain the world but lose his own soul?"

Strategic Life Planning

The Legacy Forum helps you make sense of getting from here to there.

  • Legacy investing, social ventures and value volunteering.

  • Educational options and planning for children.

  • Retirement options.

  • Relationship choices and changes.

  • Parenting support and options for your children.

  • Individuals who need to find a fresh perspective and an objective opinion to their current plans.

  • Properly designed and executed family meetings

  • Working on legacy issues related to transfer of wealth to children and philanthropy.

  • The Legacy Forum is not and does not give financial advise or offer any financial planning.  Our focus is values,  innovative thinking, clarity in confusion and long-term thinking. 

"The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.”  Benjamin Disraeli
Crisis Management and Legacy Protection

There are situations that happen that throw our worlds into chaos and potential long term danger.  Managing crisis by having someone from outside who has a clear head, can assess the situation and leverage the best resources to manage the situation can be what protects your legacy.

Crisis always brings with it two options:  danger and opportunity.  The possibility of harm and the opportunity for something new and better.

When crisis come, don't wait.  Call Mark R Demos at (425) 492-4300.  Waiting or making quick decisions from a subjective and emotional mindset is not wise.  Reach out and see what we can do.

Creative and Innovative Legacy Thinking

We have worked with many clients who are looking for new opportunities for work, volunteering, vacations, family enhancement activities, relationship enrichment etc. 

They have often tried the therapist route, business consultant or some other option.  

Innovation and creative option thinking to make your legacy more colorful and fun is a speciality of The Legacy Forum.  Why do it like everyone else has?

We have travelled, know a lot of people from different cultures, started businesses, have a network of many creative people.  

What we have also learned is that most people have lived within their family structure or history, they have done the expected things and also they have a palate of places, people, foods, vacation spots, experiences they feel comfortable with.  

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"This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever;  in its place is something that you have left behind...let it be something good." - Anon

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