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Dr. Monique Rinere, PhD - Educational Consultant

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Dr. Monique Rinere, Ph.D.
Advisor Education and College Pathways 
Dean, Harvard, Columbia, Princeton and The New School

Monique Rinere, a first-generation college student, earned a B.A. in German and Music in 1990 from Hunter College of the City University of New York (CUNY) and an M.A. and a Ph.D. in  from Princeton University in 2000.

After serving as the Director of Studies of Matheny College and then as the Residential College Dean of Butler College at Princeton, in 2006 she founded Harvard College's Advising Programs Office at Harvard University. In 2009, she was recruited to serve as the Dean of Advising for Columbia College and The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University in the City of New York. At these three Ivy-league schools,


Rinere served on countless committees and spearheaded more than her share of new initiatives to care for students and their parents. She believes ferociously in the value of assessing colleges, their teaching, student learning, advising and other services, as well as being realistic about the overall cost and importance of a college education.

She currently serves as the Assistant Vice President of The New School, leading academic and career advising, transition programs, academic integrity, and other student success initiatives. She is a member of the Advisory Council of the Center for Global Business at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) and is on the advisory board of My Life Scene-The Science of Human Talent. She is active in the Princeton Women’s Network (PWN) and sometimes contributes to her alma mater’s Annual Giving Campaign in addition to having served as an external reviewer at Yale and Georgetown.

An award-winning leader in the field of college advising, Rinere is author of the new book, "Countdown To College - The Essential Steps To Your Child's Successful Launch".  

She has given dozens of talks to high school and college students and their parents on how to choose a college and succeed there, focusing on the questions few people ask, but everyone should. She has also organized and spoken at conferences designed for high school counselors and college advisers and delivered presentations at international gatherings of academics on college advising and assessment.

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