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Krisandra Parsons Demos - Personal Advisor and Mental Health Consultant 

Krisandra Demos, M.S. LPC

The Legacy  Forum

I have been a Licensed Professional Counselor for 25 years in Texas.  Throughout  my life, friends, schoolmates and others have sought me out to talk about important issues.  That probably moved me in the direction of becoming a therapist.  I was amazed how before I became a therapist people I hardly knew would open up to me about their most private personal issues.  They wanted to be heard and they wanted direction.

From early in my life I was fascinated by what motivated people.  I wanted to understand the:  What, How, When and Why people do what they do and also Who they do it with. Motive or the “Why” behind behavior is what I am always attempting to understand and identify.  I was obsessed with the FBI and profiling.  I often thought of becoming an agent but life took me in other directions. 


That fascination has served me very well.  I have worked in corporate life with Mark Demos and have helped develop the Positive Forensic Profiling system.  It allows us to look at what is best in people and also help them to see and leverage their strengths to face life.

I have spent 25 years reading and learning about how to ask the right questions to help people gain insight and also for me to understand, so I can counsel and advise. 


I have been working with The Legacy Forum for 10 years.  Working with Mark Demos with amazing people who want to make life all they have to capacity to do.  I have been able to travel around the US to work with clients where they are.  I have had the privilege of meeting clients with household names, spend time at homes and estates that are magnificent, but most of all see people who are serious about legacy work hard on decisions and issues.

I am a world traveler, I love the beach and warm places, I love speed and fast cars, I enjoy a wide variety of music, I am a movie quote savant!

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