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Mark R Demos - Personal Advisor and Confidant

Mark R. Demos
Founder - The Legacy  Forum

Personal Advisor and Confidant
Executive and life Coach

I have always been a person others come to when they had problems, faced crises, needed direction or advice in major decisions, sought clarity in times of soul searching.  I started The Legacy Forum to be a place where great decisions are made, purpose examined, problems understood, personal issues addressed, ideas formulated, balance restored and hope regained.​

I have worked with some of the world's wealthiest individuals and families, NFL players, AIDS orphans, young entrepreneurs, college students, single parents, many nationalities, and many more.  I love people and connecting.  I love talking about legacy!

My experience has been broad, deep and colorful.   As a Personal Advisor and Confidant, I bring all of these talents to the relationship.  

  • Entrepreneur and Business Owner

  • Executive Coach 

  • Minister 

  • Psychotherapist 

  • Soldier

  • Cricket Player and Coach 

  • Legal and Forensic Consultant 

  • Author  "The DNA Code: The Forensics of Purpose, Passion and Performance".

  • Mediator   

  • Speaker 

  • Gallup StrengthsFinder - I only list these because I love the StrengthsFinder and believe their profile is accurate.  My strengths:  Strategic, Maximizer, Futuristic, Achiever, Activator and Ideation.  

I was born and educated abroad then in the USA.  I was born in a small British colony, Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.  I attended a wonderful private school, St George's College,  very much like the school in Harry Potter. I came to college in the USA and studied psychology, theology and political science.

I am husband to an amazing and beautiful woman  I am father of three grown children who I raised.  I am grandfather of three bright, engaging, energetic and incredible lives.  

I am a traveler.  I have been to all 50 US states and most of Canada.  I have traveled through Europe on trains, planes and automobiles.   I have walked, hitchhiked, driven, flown and traveled through much of Africa.  I love cultures and meeting people who have different experiences to mine.  ​I love coffee and sidewalk cafes.  I love the water, especially the warm ocean.  I was bitten by a shark in the Florida Keys in 2019.  I am a photographer.   I love dogs and have a great pup called Trax.

My life is focused on connecting with people who are serious about their lives, families and legacy.

Call me at (425) 492-4300  I would love to connect and see how we can make life deeper, richer and more filled with meaning!

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