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Client Stories

I have been on many journeys with clients as they have explored in The Legacy Forum.  Each person and each situation is unique.   Here are some brief descriptions of courageous lives.  Maybe you will identify and see yourself in one or more.  Remember, The Legacy Forum is for people who value life.  They want more.  They want to make sure what they do has value and lasting positive impact.  How will your current situation, decision, perspective, relationship be different because you choose to reach out?

  • Technology executive needed perspective on leaving Microsoft while working through a divorce.  He was burned out, dealing with being a father in a limited situation after being the primary parent.  He also had a need to deal with some deeply emotional and spiritual issues before he felt he could move on.  He ended up leaving and spent almost 6 months before he took a new position which he stayed at for 15 years.  The new job allowed him to work in a much smaller environment marketing the same product he was over at Microsoft.  He did it on his terms and he felt back in control of his life.

  • A family that was in the throws of constant crises because of their son's substance abuse and self-destructive behaviors.  Their son had dropped out of two colleges, was dealing drugs and disappearing for weeks on end.  We planned and carried out an intervention, performed on an in-home detox and rehab and worked with the entire family at their home to bring about stability and a plan to move forward.  Their son graduated from college, obtained a job, moved out and is applying to law school.

  • I worked with a world renowned psychologist and tenured professor to think through moving universities.  She had recently gone through a long legal battle which she won.  She had been at the university for over 25 years and had been deeply hurt emotionally by how she was treated.  She moved back to her home state, was offered an even better position and has continued to thrive in her hometown.  

  • A successful family law attorney seeking to find a sense of meaning and possibly retiring.  He was recently divorced, his father had died and was thinking of a major change in his profession.  One option was retiring to a simple life in the Cascade mountains which he ended up doing.  He moved to his cabin and became a fire marshal, grew a big beard and is loving life.  He even found himself a mountain girl.  

  • Non-profit founder needing advice on building his board.  She had brought a number of personal friends on when she started the organization but needed to ask a couple to step down and bring on people who had the necessary talent.  The conversations with her friends were worked through and we started on identifying necessary skills and people for the new positions.

  • NFL player on his option to either retire or move to a city where his family lived.  He has incurred a couple of injuries that resulted in him understanding his NFL career was limited.  He also had made enough money in his 7 years in the league to leave, move and give his full attention to his young wife and two children.  Leaving the NFL was a very emotional decision but it turned out very well.  He is now a VP at  BOA having earned an MBA.  

  • CEO of a successful start up who felt he was losing control of his job, family and his personal ethical standards.  The stress and success of the last three years had resulted in an inappropriate  relationship.  He was also dealing with an upcoming investor meeting which was causing immense stress.  After working through his investor meeting we then focused on his problem relationship.  He needed to work on a plan to manage stress, care for his health, be more cognizant of his alcohol use and work on his decision making process.

  • Psychiatrist needing advice on dealing with ethical issues that she had not disclosed to anyone.  The pressure of waiting to possibly be found out or simply finding a way to address the issue was weighing heavily.  Sharing the secret with a confidential advisor who was not a mandated reporter gave her the perspective to deal with it.   We strategized over the next few months and were able to work on the genesis of the ethical issue and deal with it professionally.  

  • Husband and wife who had moved to Seattle from San Francisco.  The wife was personally lost in the new city and they were looking to possibly move back to San Francisco.  This would have affected his professional life, possibly long term.   She needed to make friends, find social support beyond her husband and find opportunities to do some of the things that were part of her daily life in San Francisco.  She started attending a writers group and began writing a book on transitions and adjustment in new situations.  

  • UHNW grandfather needing help with his grandchildren.  They had little real world understanding of life issues and were behaving in a particularly entitled way.  Working with one of the grandchildren resulted in very positive life changes.   We worked on self-discovery, wealth management, giving, personal development skills, educational pathways and the meaning of legacy.  We set up a series of life experiences based on the book, The Ultimate Gift.

  • A couple was working on retirement planning, gifting money and property to relatives and a church, where they would move or possibly travel for extended periods of time.  Both had somewhat differing ideas with all the major issues.  The stress from dealing with these issues had caused a lot of tension but working with them was relatively easy.  The fear and emotions of retirement by both of them had clouded their future.  Dealing with those emotions made the other issues find resolution relatively easily.  

  • Financial advisor who had been divorced soon after his retirement was depressed not knowing where to go with his life.  Plans that had been made for years to travel and do things with his wife were now out of the picture.  Moving from a well planned and anticipated life to not knowing what to get up for the next morning was debilitating and depressing.  Taking time to regain perspective, own his own expectations and wants for this time in his life got him moving.  He started planning his own travel and also decided to move to Miami.  He focused on his health, involving himself in social activities and also went on a golf tour to Scotland which was always one of his retirement goals.  

When will you connect?  You can begin taking control of the worry, frustration, need for perspective, today.  Call me at (425) 492-4300 and let's begin the journey.

The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.”
William James
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