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Which FORUM Will Be Your Choice For Discovery, Adventure and Legacy building ?

We understand that our clients are in great hands with expert financial advisors and lawyers. Your smart choices have played a key role in building and safeguarding your wealth, reflecting your wisdom and savvy. While you rightly take pride in your accomplishments, your ultimate goal is to see your family flourish, succeed, and find genuine happiness.

Wealth is important, but it isn’t the sole ingredient for happiness or ensuring the success of your family’s future generations. The Legacy FORUMS are for individuals, couples, and families whose prime objective is to build lives of virtue, purpose, passion, and enduring legacies in partnership with The Legacy Forums.

Our FORUMS are meticulously curated events held in carefully chosen venues. During these gatherings, we engage in a dynamic process that involves exploration, discussion, goal-setting, and self-discovery. The retreats, in partnership with regular virtual sessions, serve to delve into understanding your current life stage and circumstances, uncover insights about your aspirations, and tailor your unique path forward in legitimizing your legacy.

Ensuring your legacy and growing the foundational values necessary for it to persevere throughout the coming years starts with your commitment and resolve to take those first steps. The Legacy Forum Team is here to help you start down that path. Joining the Legacy Forum program begins with an application process. The purpose is to determine if the partnership will be beneficial for you in this season of your growth. We believe our guidance and experience should only be used by providing them to people who are serious about their Legacy.

The Legacy Forum currently has four FORUMs for you to select from:

  • Legacy Foundations FORUM - Individuals, couples and small groups of six or less. This FORUM is one of our 100 days of discovery experiences.

One 3-4 day retreat, two pre-retreat Zoom sessions and 10 post sessions.

  • The Legacy Quest - is tailored for clients aged 22- 35, and centers on discovering individual talents and character strengths to nurture strong leadership within their families and solidify their future legacies. This FORUM is one of our 100 days of discovery experiences, with one 3-4 day retreat, two pre-retreat Zoom sessions and 10 post sessions.

  • The Legacy Journey - The Legacy Journey, is a 12 month program designed for individuals, couples, and families. Its goal is to build an enduring legacy by deeply and purposefully addressing every aspect of legacy building. One foundations retreat 5-6 days and three 2-3 day mini retreats. Pre-retreat 2-3, Zoom sessions and 20-25 post retreat Zoom sessions.

  • The Conversation -  This is a journey unlike any other.  The venue is a voyage on the Trans-Atlantic QE II  Cunard Line.  The Legacy Forum has always been highly innovative.  We have looked for ways to meet the needs of our unique clients, in ways that fit their lifestyles, in venues that are most conducive to change, and with the highest levels of privacy.

Are you ready to begin to craft your Legacy? Are you ready to your life matter? Are you ready to launch a Legacy that will last for generations to come?

If you are contact The Legacy Forum today to begin the interview process and move forward to participating in your choice of discovery, adventure and Legacy building!


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