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Why Not Me? Questions Legacy's are Built On.

I almost never listen to graduation speeches. They are boring, rehashed dribble. The Dartmouth 2022 commencement is an exception, it is great!

I just listened to a profound speech by a remarkable man; Super Bowl Champion, Russell Wilson. Russell has already built a powerful Legacy and talks about how you can as well.

My company, The Legacy Forum, is focused on building strong families and bright futures. I work to build and secure Legacy. That is what Wilson talks about in a simple, fun but powerful way.

I strongly encourage you to take 18 minutes out of your life and watch this short video. Have a pen and paper ready and take notes. It will change your life.

When you have watched it, give me a call and I would love to spend some time answering one of his questions, “Why not me?”

Mark R Demos

(425) 492-4300

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